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新概念英语3-2 Thirteen equals One

Thirteen equals One

Our vicar is always raising money for one cause or another, but he has never managed to get enough money to have the church clock repaired. The big clock which used to strike the hours day and night was damaged many years ago and has been silent ever since.

One night, however, our vicar woke up with a start, the clock was striking the hours! Looking at his watch, he saw that it was one o’clock, but the bell struck thirteen times before it stopped. Armed with a torch, the vicar went up into the clock tower to see what was going on. In the torchlight, he caught sight of a figure whom he immediately recognized as Bill Wilkins, our local grocer.

“Whatever are you doing up here Bill?” asked the vicar in surprise.

“I’m trying to repair the bell,” answered Bill. “I’ve been coming up here night after night for weeks now. You see, I was hoping to give you a surprise.”

“You certainly did give me a surprise!” said the vicar. “You’ve probably woken up everyone in the village as well. Still, I’m glad the bell is working again.”

"That’s the trouble, vicar, "answered Bill. “It’s working all right, but I’m afraid that at one o’clock it will strike thirteen times and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“We’ll get used to that, Bill,” said the vicar. “Thirteen is not as good as one, but it’s better than nothing. Now let’s go downstairs and have a cup of tea.”



be always / forever doing sth. 总是在做,带有烦人的意思

He is always being late.
(41课) He is forever talking about the friendly people, the clean atmosphere, the closeness to nature and gentle pace of living.

be constantly / continually doing sth.
keep (on) doing sth.

(29课) From the moment he arrived there. He kept on pestering his doctor to tell him when he would be able to go home
In the process, he enjoyed himself thoroughly and kept telling every body how much he hated hospitals.

do something all the time

W: I thought the doctor said you should stay off your foot until the swelling goes down.
M: She did. It just makes me uncomfortable to ask my friends to wait on me all the time.
wait on 服务于. wait for 等待.

for one cause or another 以各种理由
at one time or another 时常
in one way or another 以各种方式

on day after another 日复一日
night after night

(下文) I’ve been coming up here night after night for weeks now.

night by night
every night
one night after another

ever since ad. /prep. /conj. 从那以后(完成时)

(23课) There are countless people who, ever since their early years, have learned to associate snails with food.
(越狱) You know how she feels about you. It’s been the same way ever since we were kids.

have sth. done 做;请人做

I’m going to have my hair cut.
(14课) People would rather pay large suns of money than have their life work destroyed by gangsters(流氓).
The house had its window broken in the explosion/
King Charles I had his head cut off.


(32课) There was tremendous excitement on board. 船上的人很兴奋
He lost his confidence. => Confidence deserted him.
I couldn’t sleep that night. => That night sleep eluded me.
We only travelled half the distance at sunset. => Sunset met us halfway.
The past few years witnessed the great influx of foreigners to China, for travelling, studies or business.

used to do 过去常
I used to get up early.

be/get/become used to n./doing 习惯于

Life is not fair, get used to it. —— Bill Gates

be accustomed to (doing) sth.

strike the hours 钟打点报时
strike (times) 敲了多少下

(新2-9课) It would strike twelve in twenty minutes.

with a start 一个激灵
start n. (由于恐惧、惊讶)激灵
wake (up) with a start

She woke from the dream with a start.

with + 名词. 作状语修饰谓语动词

(11课) The officer went thorough the case with great care. Then I added with a smile

wake 不及物动词, wake up 接名词,所以原文中 Our vicar woke up …
如 arm sb. with sth. => Armed with a torch. armwake up 根据其含义均用被动.

go on 发生

意料外 happen; occur; come up; come about
计划的 take place

strike 不幸的事突然发生

Most people were fast asleep when the earthquake struck.

coincide (with)

When I came, he was just about to leave.
My arrival coincided with his departure.

he caught sight of a figure 他看到一个人影
catch sight / (a glimpse) of 看到
figure: 人影、数字、重要人物

on earth

What on earth has happened to trouble you so?

in the world

What in the world are you doing here at seven in the morning?

in God’s/heaven’s name

What in God’s/heaven’s name have you been?

Answered Bill. 完全倒装

there is nothing I can do about it. 而我无能为力

was / were hoping 表示试探性的委婉语气

I was hoping you could marry me.

The girl is not beautiful. Still, I like her very much.

as good as = almost 差不多

The injured man is as good as dead.
Everything is as good as settled.


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